Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Health Updates and Miscellaneous Thoughts

Dad: he does have cancer again. They aren't sure where; it is very very early and he will be starting hormone therapy on Oct. 13 to hopefully stop whatever is growing.

DJ: may be having seizures. :( Waiting for a call back from the ped on getting into a neurologist.

Trevor took a shoe off while I was driving home from preschool. He chucked it at my head. Luckily for him (and, I guess, me) he has not developed perfect aim and it missed. I haven't been that angry at him since he unbuckled his straps on the car seat and walked up to me in the van and said "Hi Momma!"

Is Super Glue considered a safety hazard? Would it be bad to superglue them into their car seats?


Gwen said...

I think Superglue would be very safe in that situation ;)

T- said...

OMG! Are our kids related?!? Colter chucked DH's watch at me while I was driving yesterday! I don't know what's up with him.