Monday, December 15, 2008

Four years ago

WOW. Four years ago tonight I was in the hospital, thinking I was there for the long haul on bedrest because my water broke at 31w5d with the boys. I delivered them the next morning at 6:23 and 6:25 via c-section. It's been a roller coaster, to say the least, over the past 4 years but I am so proud of how far they've come despite all the obstacles in their way.

Here are some pictures:

They were 2 weeks old and had just graduated from the NICU to the continuing care nursery.

Trevor, about 2 weeks ago

DJ, about 2 weeks ago

I love my boys!!!


Michelle P. said...

Awww what sweet pics :) It's so hard to think of them that small and see them now and know you'll never get that "baby" back- kwim?! You can be proud of what a great mom you have been to them this past four years though. They have thrived because of all your hard work :) Great job mama and happy birthday DJ and Trevor!

T- said...

Wow. Adorable. They grow so crazy-fast, don't they?!

Happy Birthday, boys!

Lisa said...

I LOVE the pictures!!! You certainly can't tell that they were preemies by looking at them now! Handsome wee fellows!